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In nine ounces transparent acrylic glass

Model: CUP-201810231016

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In nine ounces transparent acrylic glass

You are experienced. So, you know the secret to create a special and memorable day for all the details. Perfectly coordinated seat. Playlist not found. Delicious appetizers. They all come together to create a chain reaction, springing your party life. Thats why you stack the odds in your favor a little extra ripples, waves and curves: Glass set. The wrinkled, texture, be sure to grab your friends attention - because you have four in your package, you can be sure there is one of each one perfect decorative frozen drinks. And sleepy until the sun goes down! Better prepared. These guests are thirsty, you can already feel the excitement through the crowd rushing fluctuations.

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  • In nine ounces transparent acrylic glass